Security Policy Automation - Do More with Less

Tuesday 30 June  |  11:00am - 12:00pm


Alex Apt

Senior Sales Engineer, Tufin (Australia)


Why automate? Why now?

Today, more than ever, organizations have to manage resource shortage, a rapidly changing environment and high levels of uncertainty.

In such unique circumstances it becomes critical to have clear, well documented and repeatable processes, with as minimal manual intervention as possible.

Join Tufin product experts on Tuesday 30 June at 11:00am as they review the impact of COVID-19 on network security management,

and learn how security policy automation is critical to:

Streamline and accelerate processes

Reduce the attack surface

Ensure continuous compliance

Enable end-to-end change management through integration with ticketing systems

Register to gain insight into why you should automate network and firewall changes and how others are doing it.